L       i       n       k       s

My self-published book containing
40 each of my favorite
images and quotations
about love, life, and art.


is again available for purchase online
from viovio.com

A 14" x 11"


of 149 selected works
created 1998-2007.

Available for purchase online
from viovio.com

Fractal Links:
  • Ultra Fractal courses available as e-books!
  • Ultra Fractal Resources
  • Janet's Ultra Fractal Contests
  • Gallery representation:
  • The Link Gallery (Estes Park, Colorado)
  • Art for Conservation
  • My art is featured on these websites:
  • VisMath
  • Digital Foto-Fusion Gallery
  • National Association of Independant Artists
  • The music of Bruno Sanfilippo
  • When I'm looking for inspiration, these are the fractal art galleries I visit. I am moved and challenged by these artists' work:
  • Damien M. Jones
  • Kerry Mitchell
  • Samuel Monnier
  • Tina Oloyede
  • Mark Townsend
  • Red Williams

  • C       r       e       d       i       t       s

  • Damien Jones and Kerry Mitchell -- for teaching, challenging, inspiring, and encouraging me.
  • My brother Bill Parke -- for his many gifts (including but not restricted to enthusiasm and encouragement for my art).
  • My goats -- every artist should be so lucky!

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