Ultra Fractal Resources
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Ultra Fractal 5
  • Ultra Fractal

    Associated Programs and Utilities
  • Apophysis IFS & Flame Fractal Editor
  • Formula Collections
  • The official Ultra Fractal Formula Database which contains all known, public formulas written by UF Mailing List participants (and a few miscellaneous other authors).

    You may also need one or more of these formula collections:
  • chby*.ufm — Morgan L. Owens' Chebyshev collection
  • emp.* (ufm, ucl) — Edward M. Perry
  • frac_ml.frm — Les St. Clair's collection of FractInt mailing list parameter and formula files which can be used in UF3
  • orgform — Orgform collection (slightly less than a zillion FractInt formulas!!), maintained by Paul N. Lee
  • Mailing List
  • UF List FAQ
  • Ultra Fractal Wiki
  • Mailing List "Challenges"
  • How to View and Post Mailing list parameter sets:
  • To view an image:
    Highlight the name of the image and the parameter text in the email message (between and including the curly braces { }), Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) in an open window in Ultra Fractal -- Yes, this really works!
    Save the entire email message in your Ultra Fractal/Parameters folder using a .upr extension. Then use File|Browse|Parameters (or Ctrl-B) to choose the image from the Ultra Fractal browser.

    To post parameter sets:
    With your image open in UF, Copy it (Ctrl-C), and then Paste it (Ctrl-V) in your email message. Yes, this really works, too!
  • UF Mail — a program designed by Mark Townsend for reading messages and viewing UPRs form the Ultra Fractal Mailing List and the list archives.
  • Information, Tutorials and Explanations
  • A series of three courses written by Janet Parke: Working with Ultra Fractal, Ultra Fractal Masking Techniques, and Ultra Fractal Artistry. The courses are designed to be helpful for both novice and veteran users. You can read about them here and purchase them here.

  • Copyright and Ownership Issues — Answers to some common questions about "When is it my image?"
  • Tutorials for Ultra Fractal (version 2) — in English, Italiano, Dutch, Deutsch, Francais, Finnish, and Espanol:
  • UF2 JumpStart tutorial for beginners (Janet Parke)
  • UF2 Gradient Hints (Janet Parke)
  • UF2 Working with Layers (Janet Parke)
  • UF2 Using Opacity/Transparency with Solid Colors (Janet Parke)
  • UF2 Using Opacity/Transparency with Gradients — How the Alpha Channel Editor Works (Janet Parke)
  • UF2 How and Why to use the Alpha Channel Editor (Janet Parke)
  • UF2 Using Opacity/Transparency with Transformations (Janet Parke)
  • How do you make an image from scratch? (Janet Parke, Damien M. Jones, Kerry Mitchell)
  • Creating mats and frames with UF (Red Williams)
  • Solid Color — Part One (Red Williams)
  • Solid Color — Part Two (Red Williams)
  • Making Fractal Eggs — 3 tutorials (Paul DeCelle, Brian Prentice, Red Williams)
  • Anti-Aliasing Explained (Damien M. Jones)
  • Fractal Information Page (Damien M. Jones)
  • PNG vs. JPEG discussed (Damien M. Jones)
  • Fractal Art Manifesto (Kerry Mitchell)

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