Ultra Fractal Contest 3

Creating a Series

Summer 2001

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Some thoughts about these series
Suppose you were commissioned to create a series of fractal art images representing a theme -- a set of related objects or ideas or a series representing the passage of time. The set/series may represent concrete things (like the 4 basic food groups), abstract ideas (such as Kubler-Ross's 5 stages of accepting death), music (Beethoven's nine symphonies), people/animals (the human and livestock members of your family), text (the 10 Commandments)... any group of things that is related in some way. Likewise, your interpretations may be as realistic, abstract, whimsical, or fantastical as you wish.
To encourage exploration and mastery of the Ultra Fractal software and to challenge fractal artists to purposefully create several images with a common theme.
There are six voting categories:
  1. Each artist may enter one set/series of images. The series must contain no less than three and no more than ten separate images.
  2. All entries must be made exclusively with Ultra Fractal. No other software or post-processing is allowed.
  3. In lieu of prizes, a donation of money will be made to the charity of choice of each category's first-place winner.
Contributing Artists:
Gerald Albrecht, Morgen Bell, Anam Cara, Paul DeCelle, Rosemary de Dear, Bill Decker, Thomas Emrich, Xavier Fretté, Johan Groth, Heliantha, Diosnel Herrnsdorf , Damien M. Jones, Kerry Mitchell, Tina Oloyede, Jennifer Page, Janet Parke, Brian Prentice, Joe Presley, Maureen Press, Queri (Emily Garlick), Michael Ray, Barb Rubin, Helene Maxwell Schmidt, Andrās Szolek, Faye Williams, Terry Wright, Zelda K

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