Ultra Fractal
Easter Egg Decorating Contest

April 1999


Each image must contain one egg. Each entrant may enter up to three images -- each made entirely with Ultra Fractal (no post-processing or other software allowed) and submitted in parameter form. No parameter files will be made public without the artist's permission. Entries will be judged by the contest's hosts, Damien Jones and Janet Parke. In lieu of prizes, a donation will be made in each winner's honor to the charity of his/her choice.

Gallery of Entries

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The Winners!

How did they do that?

Parameter Collection — (all images for which explicit permission was granted for publication)
Making Eggs Tutorial — by Brian Prentice
Fractal Egg Tutorial — by Paul DeCelle
Egg (3D Mapping) Tutorial — by Red Williams

Contributing Artists:

Linda Allison, Peter Babula, Ron Barnett, Morgen Bell, Linda Bucklin, Jon Camp, Ken Childress, Paul DeCelle, Bill Decker, Diane Fields, Sylvie Gallet, Peter Jakubowicz, Rich Jasmin, peter k, Alice Kelley, Paul Kloeg, Kerry Mitchell, Brian Prentice, Mark Ritter, Frederik Slijkerman, Les St. Clair

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